Is Cuba a safe place to visit for solo female travellers? Rugby in Cardiff or football in Barcelona? Discover the amusement park in Copenhagen that inspired Walt Disney. Learn about Europe’s torrid history and its present idiosyncrasies. Welcome to the Destinations section.

In the links below, you will find detailed country guides including information on specific cities and regions within those countries. Also included in these guides are travel tips, travel resources and honest reviews to help you plan a hassle-free and enjoyable trip.

Vatican City is included in the Rome guide. Transnistria is included in the Moldova guide.


Canada Toronto CN Tower travel blog
Cuba Havana classic car travel blog
USA New York Statue of Liberty



Croatia Pelješac Peninsula travel blog
Denmark Copenhagen Nyhavn harbour travel blog
Estonia Tallinn Viru Gate travel blog
France Paris Place St. Michel travel blog
Germany Frankfurt Römerberg travel blog
Gap of Dunloe Ireland
Italy Rome Trevi Fountain travel blog
Poland Krakow St. Mary's Church travel blog
Russia St. Petersburg Winter Palace Hermitage travel blog
Serbia Belgrade Kalemegdan Fortress travel blog
Spain Majorca Cala Mesquida travel blog
UK London Red Bus travel blog



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