Ellis Island

Few national monuments and visitor sites chronicle the entire modern history of a country like New York’s Ellis Island does. Opened in 1990, the Ellis Island Museum of Immigration is part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument and charts the history of immigration to America from pre-independence colonisation to the present day. Given that … Continue reading Ellis Island

Wild Atlantic Way: Foynes Flying Boat Museum

When us Irish look out our windows and see the incessant rain belting against the glass we curse our position as a windswept little island in North Western Europe which bears the brunt of unforgiving Atlantic weather systems. On the other hand, our geography has meant the country has played an enviable role in world … Continue reading Wild Atlantic Way: Foynes Flying Boat Museum

Cuba Independently – Part 1: Havana

Ever since President Obama re-instated US diplomatic ties with Cuba in December 2014 the Caribbean island has become the en vogue place to visit. Whilst my previous Cuba post recommends travelling with a tour group my Cuba Independently series is for those who want to tackle the country on their own terms. Havana, the capital, … Continue reading Cuba Independently – Part 1: Havana

Cuba: A dozen myths and truths

Of all the countries I’ve visited Cuba is the one which differed the greatest from descriptions in guidebooks and online resources. Some descriptions were over-generous and others greatly under-rated the country. So here’s to dispelling some myths. Myth 1: Cubans are a repressed people who crave democracy. Truth: Not as far as I could see … Continue reading Cuba: A dozen myths and truths