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Travellers nowadays look for practical tips and advice that’s more than just specific destination information. On this page you’ll find useful information applicable to all trips. But as I’m a destination expert on Ireland I’ll throw in a few tips specific to there as well.


Given that it caters for a wide range of budgets and has comprehensive search filters, is my preferred choice when booking accommodation.

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Few things can match the frustration of a travel delay but beat the boredom with a good book. Here is my recommended fiction list.

Mens sana in corpore sano is a Latin term which translates as A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body. How does one achieve or maintain this on the road? Eating healthy is key so have a look at my Eating Healthy While Travelling post for some essential tips.

For those of you interested in what studying in another country is like, check out Sydney Richardson’s Study Abroad Stories from blogger’s around the world.


Is Ireland on your wish list? Then check out my comprehensive Planning a Trip to Ireland post. Une version française est disponible: Voyage en Irlande.

Want to travel Ireland at your own pace but nervous about getting behind the wheel of a car? I’ve specifically written a guide on Tips for driving in Ireland for tourists and travellers.

You’re enjoying your holiday in Ireland but you’re not quite sure of the meaning of some phrases. Our pure form of English is interspersed with slang phrases so study my list of Slang in Ireland to see where exactly the conversation is going.


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