Arrivals Hall is a travel blog written by Irish content creator Hazel Joy. The content on the blog focuses on short term travel for independent and solo travellers.

The comprehensive destination guides, practical advice and truthful reviews on Arrivals Hall are designed to help travellers make better decisions when planning holidays.

The content on Arrivals Hall is also about arriving, not just at a destination, but helping travellers arrive at a sense of self-reliance, resourcefulness and self-confidence. Travel will inspire you to make the world a better place and you a better person. Have a read of my Transformative Travel and Benefits of Travelling posts to get started on personal growth through travel.

The Arrivals Hall travel philosophy is to inspire, educate and entertain.

But the most important thing about Arrivals Hall? You, the reader who devotes your precious time to reading the content.

AWARD NOMINATION: New York City Saint Patrick’s Day Parade was a Finalist at the 2018 Blog Awards Ireland in the Personal Blog Post category.

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With an undergraduate degree in Medical Microbiology and a postgraduate Diploma in Education (Biology teaching), my educational qualifications are not the conventional route to the blogging world. But teaching promotes learning. And travel is the global classroom.

Living in a sun-starved country like Ireland is a huge motivation for travel so this travel blog developed from the natural convergence of Vitamin D requirements with the desire to write about the essence of a destination.

My love of culture, history and sport influence the content on this site. As I explained in my What is a travel blog post, I consider myself an observer bearing witness to places, people and their stories, and subsequently curating that experience.

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OTHER WRITING: My short play, The Technophobe, was performed by Dóchas Drama Group in Killarney as part of their Series of Short Plays performances in January/February 2019.

The Small Roads Theatre Festival in Kenmare performed two of my short plays in Kenmare, October 2019: Flight Connections and A Generous Offer of Unconditional Love.

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