European History in Sarajevo

If you’re looking to visit a European city which has hosted a pivotal moment in the continent’s history may I suggest the under-rated Sarajevo. It was in the Bosnian capital that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his pregnant wife Sophie took place on 28th June 1914. The incident … Continue reading European History in Sarajevo

Sarajevo’s Tunnel of Hope

Teenage years are stressful enough without the likes of Slobodan Milošević adding to woes. But that’s exactly what happened when I joined the Amnesty International group at secondary school in the 1990s. Scenes of the Balkan wars filled our news bulletins every day and appalled that such conflict could happen in a Europe which we … Continue reading Sarajevo’s Tunnel of Hope

The Medjugorje Miracle

Most people visiting Medjugorje have concerns of a spiritual nature. Mine was a fashion dilemma. Chronic ankle tendonitis led to my physiotherapist’s recommendation of wearing runners for the duration of my holiday in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a fashion faux pas I was prepared to endure except in the presence of Italians. We all have anxieties about international … Continue reading The Medjugorje Miracle