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Croatia: Orebic Korcula Ferry

Korcula is a large island off the southern coast of Croatia. Part of it runs parallel to the Peljesac Peninsula on Croatia’s mainland.

While Korcula Island is a destination that merits a multi-day stay, it’s possible to do a day trip to Korcula Old Town. I stayed in Orebic on the Peljesac Peninsula. The Orebic Korcula ferry took a couple of minutes to cover the 2km distance. The views from the ferry are stunning.

View of North Orebic from ferry crossing
View of North Orebic from ferry crossing

During the summer, ferries run from Dubrovnik and Split but the journey each way from both cities takes over two hours.

This post is a guide to the Orebic Korcula ferry services plus includes a brief guide to Korcula Old Town. For general information on Croatia, check out my Planning a Trip to Croatia guide.


From Orebic, there are two ferry options to get to Korcula Old Town.

Jadrolinija operates a car ferry to Domince, a harbour approximately 3km east of Korcula Old Town. This ferry transports all types of vehicles plus foot passengers. Prices for vehicles and passengers can be found on the Jadrolinija website.

View of Korcula Town from Domince road
View of Korcula Town from Domince road

A smaller foot passenger ferry travels directly from Orebic to Korcula Old Town harbour located on the western side of the town. This is the best option for foot passengers as it docks directly in Korcula Old Town. Prices are competitive with Jadrolinija.

Korcula Town marina
Korcula Town Marina


Korcula Old Town is built on a promontory facing towards the mainland. The street layout is in a fishbone/leaf vein style so it’s difficult to get lost. Ulica Korculanskog Statuta and Ulica Sveti Roka bisect the town. From what I could observe, the sea is visible from all the side lanes.

Korcula Town lane
All lanes in Korcula Town have a view of the sea

At the centre of the town is St. Mark’s Cathedral (Sveti Marko). Located on the same square are a number of museums: The Bishop’s Treasury, Korcula Town Museum and Korcula Old Town Museum.

Other sites in the town that may be of interest are the House of Marco Polo, the Old City Walls and the various towers located along the walls. The Croatians claim that Marco Polo was born in Korcula although pretty much every other source states he was born in Venice in 1254. Korcula was part of the Venetian Empire from 1420 to 1797.

In terms of architecture, Korcula Old Town is like a mini Dubrovnik. The white marble and limestone is dazzling in the summer so don’t forget to bring sunglasses.

Korcula Old Town has many cafes and restaurants but the prices are on par with Dubrovnik – Korcula is popular with tourists. Korcula Old Town is a great place for souvenir shopping with wine and jewellery as the island’s speciality.

My day trip to Korcula was a pleasant and relaxing jaunt. The whole Old Town can be discovered in half a day but allow a full day if visiting the museums in detail.

Orebic Korcula Ferry Croatia

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