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Viareggio Beach, Italy

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Tuscany’s cultural offering can be so overwhelming that a rejuvenation day lazing on a beach may be needed. That was my excuse to visit Viareggio beach.

This post will help you make the best of your trip to Viareggio beach.


Viareggio is a town on Tuscany’s north coast in an area known as the Versilia Riviera. Viareggio is the southernmost town on this Riviera. This part of the Mediterranean sea is known as the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Viareggio is easily reached by public transport. A train journey from Pisa to Viareggio is 20-30 minutes while a train from Lucca to Viareggio takes pretty much the same time. VaiBus does both routes but the journey time is longer. It was the ease of access by train that made me choose Viareggio over the other Versilia towns.


Viareggio beach is a lido. In Italy, a lido is a private beach where you pay an entrance fee. The entrance fee includes a beach umbrella and a chair/lounger. 

The beach and the art deco promenade parallel to it runs right into the next town, Lido di Camaiore. The backdrop to the beach is the scenic Apuan Alps.

The beach itself is lovely. Soft, golden sand contrasts with colourful parasols. The beach is well maintained and has lifeguards on duty. If you want to do nothing apart from sunbathe and re-charge, then this beach is perfect.

Viareggio Beach
Viareggio Beach

The free beach in Viareggio is a couple of kilometres south of the main beach and port, and is best reached by car or bicycle. The Puccini Museum on Torre di Lago, south of Viareggio, is also best reached by car or bicycle. 


Hotels are dotted along the beach and promenade. Accommodation sells out very quickly in Viareggio so book months in advance for good deals and for a good location. has a great selection of accommodation options but even booking’s choices fill up quickly.

Viareggio Promenade
Viareggio Promenade

The majority of shops and cafes/restaurants are located closer to the marina area in the south of Viareggio. The marina and pier area has a great passeggiata atmosphere.


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