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Facts About Denmark for Visitors

Denmark consistently rates as one of the best places in the world to live along with being the happiest country in the world. It’s also a great country to visit so here are some facts about Denmark for visitors.


VISA: Denmark is a member of the EU and is part of the Schengen zone. For further information on the Schengen visa process have a look at my Schengen Tourist Visa Overview post.

GEOGRAPHY: Denmark is composed of a series of islands, the larger of which are connected to the Jutland peninsula, the part of Denmark that has a land border with Germany. The Baltic Sea is to its east and the North Sea to its north and west. Denmark has a generally flat terrain and is one of the facts about Denmark that will make travel easy.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: Denmark’s climate is Scandinavian (i.e. warm summers and cold winters). I visited in November where the temperature was a maximum 10ºC (50°F). The wind chill factor during my visit was uncomfortable. The best time to visit is the Spring to Autumn period.

LANGUAGE: Danish but Denmark is possibly the country with the highest fluency in English that I have visited. Danes usually speak a third language as well.   

CURRENCY: Danish Krone written as DKK and you will need lots of the currency. Denmark is the most expensive country I’ve visited.

TIME ZONE: Central European Time which is one hour ahead of Ireland/UK time.


PLUGS: The standard continental European type which is the two round pin plug/socket of 220V-240V.

FOOD: Café culture is huge in Denmark so a plentiful selection of breads and pastries abound. Denmark has a large agricultural industry so no shortage of meat, dairy and vegetables in the country either. I enjoyed eating out in Denmark but my wallet didn’t.  

DRINK: Denmark is a beer haven. Along with the likes of Carlsberg, Denmark is known for its microbreweries which are dotted around the country.

IS DENMARK SAFE: Don’t judge Denmark on the plethora of crime dramas that the country produces. I found it to be quite safe and the people very helpful. My own country was making international headlines for all the wrong reasons during my visit so the Danes were keen to engage and get my take on the matter.  

THE ARTS IN DENMARK: This is a great reason to travel to Denmark. The country punches above its weight when it comes to performance arts with Danish actors crossing over to US and UK productions – Sidse Babett Knudsen, Mads Mikkelsen and Brigitte Nielsen to name a few.

A number of Danish TV shows are on my list of European TV Series Worth Watching.

Danish design is the epitome of cool. We’ve all grown up reading Hans Christian Andersen stories. And in terms of visual arts, why hadn’t I heard of Eckersberg, Lundbye and Ancher before? Danish art is great. Go discover it.

WHAT IS HYGGE?: Hygge is the Danish concept of contentment, cosiness and generally being chilled out. It doesn’t have a translation in the English language which is ironic considering the world could do with more of it. Hygge cannot be bought or sold as it costs nothing.

Is hygge responsible for the Danes happiness? Partly. But having an equitable social welfare system that rewards work, and having an equitable society whereby the wage gap between those at the top and bottom is not large is probably the main contributory factor towards Danish happiness.


GETTING TO DENMARK: Denmark is reached by road and rail from Germany and Sweden, the latter via the colossal Oresund Bridge.

Denmark’s main airports are Copenhagen, Arhus, Aalborg and Billund.

Denmark has a number of ferry ports located on its eastern side serving Norway, Sweden and Germany

GETTING AROUND DENMARK: Denmark is an exceptionally easily country to travel around. Bus companies covering routes are FlixBus and Thinggaard Express.

Danish State Railways run most of the rail lines. Prices, timetables and reservations are possible on their website. H listed after a town/city means main train station (e.g. Kobenhavn H = Copenhagen Central Station) and St means station.

The Danes love their bikes and are environmentally conscious so cycling is a popular method of transport. Bikes can be carried on trains and ferries for a small extra cost. Copenhagen is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world.


I have a general post listing the top sights to see when spending 3 Days in Copenhagen.

I also have a post dedicated to Christmas at the Tivoli Gardens as it’s simply an unmissable part of a trip to Copenhagen in the winter time.

In the unlikely event that you get bored of Copenhagen, a day trip to Helsingor comes recommended. Fans of Shakespeare will be particularly interested in this town.

Facts about Denmark

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