Tourism Ambassador

Are you passionate about Kerry?

Would you like to see more tourists visiting our beautiful county?

I’m Hazel Joy and I love travel. I blog about my experiences abroad but I’m equally enthusiastic about promoting my beautiful home county whilst on tour. To help like-minded people bring more tourists to Kerry I’ve created the Tourism Ambassador Abroad scheme.

How does the Tourism Ambassador Abroad scheme work?

Anyone interested in bringing more visitors to the county can register as a Tourism Ambassador on this site and, whilst abroad, encourage people from other countries to visit the Kingdom by handing out their Tourist Ambassador Abroad Reference Number along with the Tourism Ambassador Abroad brochure.

Tourists who visit Kerry as a result of being invited by a Tourism Ambassador can email this site quoting the Tourism Ambassador’s Reference Number prior to their visit. In return they will receive vouchers and discounts for the Kerry businesses who participate in the scheme.

As a reward for encouraging people to visit Ireland, the Tourism Ambassador will receive a reciprocating offer of vouchers and discounts if they are successful in attracting visitors to Kerry. In essence, the scheme works on a commission basis.

How do I register as a Tourism Ambassador?

Simply complete the below contact form.

I’m a Kerry-based business. How can I get involved?

Simply complete the below contact form with your business name, address and voucher/discount offer. Whether it’s a percentage discount or 2 for the price of 1, you’re free to decide on the customer offer available.

Where did the idea come from?

Tourism is an important industry for Kerry and is a forum for showcasing our heritage. By attracting more visitors to the county we not only strengthen our local economy but bolster our community identity by introducing our traditions and culture to a wider audience.

I recognise these benefits for both hosts and visitors and encourage people abroad to visit Kerry. In December 2013, I wrote a blog post entitled Tourism Ambassador: The Green Jersey on Tour where I first proposed the Tourism Ambassador Abroad scheme. I was encouraged to develop it further by a number of people in the Kerry tourism industry. After all, we’re ambassadors for our locality, wherever we travel to.



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