Travel is more than ticking off countries on a list. It’s about the why, how and when of a destination, our motives for travelling, and any other issues which affect our ability to travel or the impact travel has on the destination. Posts which look at these topics on this travel blog are covered in the following categories:

Culture has always been a huge part of my life and so forms the largest category of topics on my travel blog.

Interviews are a special category here. One of my first blog posts involved interviewing the renowned travel writer and publisher, Hilary Bradt, whilst in August 2017 I had the pleasure of attending a Q&A featuring former US UN Ambassador Samantha Power.

Us Irish love our Sport and here I write about different games, both home and away.

20% of Kerry jobs and firms are dependent on Tourism so I examine ways to boost my local economy. My honest examination of the pros and predicaments of being Irish also appears in this category.

The delights and frustrations of Transport is looked at whether it’s the novelty of my First Flight or the history of Foynes Flying Boat Museum, the museum dedicated to the Limerick seaport where Irish coffee was invented.