Wild Atlantic Way: Foynes Flying Boat Museum

When us Irish look out our windows and see the incessant rain belting against the glass we curse our position as a windswept little island in North Western Europe which bears the brunt of unforgiving Atlantic weather systems. On the other hand, our geography has meant the country has played an enviable role in world … Continue reading Wild Atlantic Way: Foynes Flying Boat Museum

Kerry Airport: Flights of Fancy

Aviation news always grabs my attention and some of the stories I’ve heard this year are worth commenting on. Firstly, the new Public Service Obligation (PSO) contract for the Kerry-Dublin route began in February with Stobart Air flying the route until the end of the contract in January 2017. This is only one of two … Continue reading Kerry Airport: Flights of Fancy

Tolerance Tourism

When asked to recommend the most engaging capital cities in Europe, Berlin and Copenhagen invariably spring to mind. I’ve been struggling to find reasons as to why the German and Danish capitals are treated with such fondness in my thoughts. The penny finally dropped when Lonely Planet published its list of the most gay-friendly places … Continue reading Tolerance Tourism