Kerry Airport: Flights of Fancy

Aviation news always grabs my attention and some of the stories I’ve heard this year are worth commenting on. Firstly, the new Public Service Obligation (PSO) contract for the Kerry-Dublin route began in February with Stobart Air flying the route until the end of the contract in January 2017. This is only one of two … Continue reading Kerry Airport: Flights of Fancy

Discovering Zadar

One of life’s pleasures is looking at Ryanair’s destination map and allowing the syllables of lesser-known places to roll off my tongue. For years, the sound of Zadar captured my attention so when I eventually Google-imaged the city I was immediately transfixed and envisaged a visit. That happened when Ryanair reinstated the route from Dublin … Continue reading Discovering Zadar

Basque-ing in Biarritz Sunshine

“Another very wet summer everywhere; dull with few warm days”                                                 The Weather of Summer 2008 Report (Met Éireann)1   I don’t need a Met Éireann report to remind me of the “summer” of 2008. My then sun-starved state is still crystal clear in my mind. Sick of almost a year of rain and impatient … Continue reading Basque-ing in Biarritz Sunshine

Liking Ryanair – Loving Choice

"There is no doubt I've made mistakes…There's no doubt I need to learn from those mistakes” Michael O’Leary – RTE Prime Time Monday 30th September 2013 Prime Time, RTE’s current affairs programme is known more for informing and educating its viewers rather than entertaining them. But get Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary into the studio and … Continue reading Liking Ryanair – Loving Choice