Discovering Zadar

One of life’s pleasures is looking at Ryanair’s destination map and allowing the syllables of lesser-known places to roll off my tongue. For years, the sound of Zadar captured my attention so when I eventually Google-imaged the city I was immediately transfixed and envisaged a visit. That happened when Ryanair reinstated the route from Dublin … Continue reading Discovering Zadar

Basque-ing in Biarritz Sunshine

“Another very wet summer everywhere; dull with few warm days”                                                 The Weather of Summer 2008 Report (Met Éireann)1   I don’t need a Met Éireann report to remind me of the “summer” of 2008. My then sun-starved state is still crystal clear in my mind. Sick of almost a year of rain and impatient … Continue reading Basque-ing in Biarritz Sunshine