Bye Bye Winter, Hello Biddy

Winter can be an unforgiving time in Ireland given the precarious nature of Atlantic weather systems. So it’s with great relief we welcome spring on 1st February. For our ancestors who lived in a more agrarian society this date was the start of a new farming season and celebrations were held in honour of the … Continue reading Bye Bye Winter, Hello Biddy

Wild Atlantic Way: Dingle to Tralee

There are two ways of travelling from Dingle to Tralee by road. There’s the N86 which commercial vehicles and commuters use. And then there’s the Connor Pass white-knuckle ride and it’s along this route that the official Wild Atlantic Way travels. Starting in the Riviera-like Dingle town the R560 road travels in a north-eastern direction … Continue reading Wild Atlantic Way: Dingle to Tralee

Rebels and Railways

Visitors to Ireland may notice that all mainline stations in cities and large towns are named after people, more specifically, the executed leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising, an armed rebellion prior to our War of Independence from Britain (1919-1921). Whilst the Easter Rising only lasted a few days and was a military disaster for … Continue reading Rebels and Railways

Kerry Airport: Flights of Fancy

Aviation news always grabs my attention and some of the stories I’ve heard this year are worth commenting on. Firstly, the new Public Service Obligation (PSO) contract for the Kerry-Dublin route began in February with Stobart Air flying the route until the end of the contract in January 2017. This is only one of two … Continue reading Kerry Airport: Flights of Fancy

Wild Atlantic Way: The Great Tour of North Kerry

North to South? South to North? The North Kerry stretch of the Wild Atlantic Way can be travelled in any direction but on a recent trip I started my journey in Tarbert, Kerry’s northernmost town and headed south. Kerry is separated from neighbouring County Clare by the River Shannon and a ferry from Killimer traverses … Continue reading Wild Atlantic Way: The Great Tour of North Kerry