Tartu: As Sweet as it Sounds

Had somebody told me that Tartu was the Estonian equivalent of Oxford and Cambridge I would have visited years ago. Tartu, Estonia’s second-largest city has the instant charm of the aforementioned English towns and I can only presume its long-established and widely-respected university is the reason for its laid-back vibe. Tartu dates back over a … Continue reading Tartu: As Sweet as it Sounds

Frankfurt’s Way

Frankfurt is Europe’s second-busiest transport hub and with direct flights from there to Kerry, my local airport, it was only a matter of time that I would visit. Ever since the “Frankfurt’s Way or Labour’s Way” pre-election declaration in 2011 by the then Irish Labour Party leader I’ve taken an interest in visiting the German … Continue reading Frankfurt’s Way

All kinds of Anything

Eurotrash. Ridiculous. Kitsch. Hotbed of sodomy. All words used to describe the Eurovision Song Contest, aka Eurovision, by its critics. All kinds of anything have been broadcast as part of the contest, edging Mullaghanish1 close to meltdown. It wouldn’t surprise me if the show has been denounced from pulpits. If Eurovision was a man I … Continue reading All kinds of Anything