Bye Bye Winter, Hello Biddy

Winter can be an unforgiving time in Ireland given the precarious nature of Atlantic weather systems. So it’s with great relief we welcome spring on 1st February. For our ancestors who lived in a more agrarian society this date was the start of a new farming season and celebrations were held in honour of the … Continue reading Bye Bye Winter, Hello Biddy

Saint Petersburg: Cultural Colossus

St. Petersburg is deservedly known as Russia’s cultural capital. It’s breadth and depth of cultural heritage is astonishing and in this post I’ll attempt to distil several hundred years of various art forms into a couple of paragraphs. Aleksandr Borodin, Igor Stravinsky and Dmitri Shostakovich are the three prolific St. Petersburg natives in the classical … Continue reading Saint Petersburg: Cultural Colossus

The Pros and Predicaments of an Irish Passport

The retirement of my constant travel companion, my passport, is imminent. The time has come to acquire a new version and I hope it will serve me as well as the previous two. My first passport saw me frequent the UK; my current and expiring passport travelled Europe predominantly. Hopefully passport Mk3 will bring me … Continue reading The Pros and Predicaments of an Irish Passport