10 attractions & landmarks in Belgrade

Belgrade (Serbian: Beograd) hasn’t been on the usual European city break travel list for over twenty years, but not for the lack of tourist attractions. In fact, Belgrade has a similar set attractions and landmarks as other popular European cities without diminishing its own uniqueness. Let's have a look at those: A notable gathering point: … Continue reading 10 attractions & landmarks in Belgrade

European History in Sarajevo

If you’re looking to visit a European city which has hosted a pivotal moment in the continent’s history may I suggest the under-rated Sarajevo. It was in the Bosnian capital that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his pregnant wife Sophie took place on 28th June 1914. The incident … Continue reading European History in Sarajevo

Sarajevo’s Tunnel of Hope

Teenage years are stressful enough without the likes of Slobodan Milošević adding to woes. But that’s exactly what happened when I joined the Amnesty International group at secondary school in the 1990s. Scenes of the Balkan wars filled our news bulletins every day and appalled that such conflict could happen in a Europe which we … Continue reading Sarajevo’s Tunnel of Hope

Discovering Zadar

One of life’s pleasures is looking at Ryanair’s destination map and allowing the syllables of lesser-known places to roll off my tongue. For years, the sound of Zadar captured my attention so when I eventually Google-imaged the city I was immediately transfixed and envisaged a visit. That happened when Ryanair reinstated the route from Dublin … Continue reading Discovering Zadar

Half-time in Mostar

As the bus arrived at the station I wondered whether travelling to Mostar was a good idea. Whilst the city is nestled in the scenic Neretva valley the main street of the eastern side of the city, Maršala Tita, was deserted and still bared the marks of war-time shelling. To reinforce my apprehension Dervla Murphy’s … Continue reading Half-time in Mostar