10 attractions & landmarks in Belgrade

Belgrade (Serbian: Beograd) hasn’t been on the usual European city break travel list for over twenty years, but not for the lack of tourist attractions. In fact, Belgrade has a similar set attractions and landmarks as other popular European cities without diminishing its own uniqueness. Let's have a look at those: A notable gathering point: … Continue reading 10 attractions & landmarks in Belgrade

Red October 1917: From Petrograd to Leningrad

The writing was on the wall for the Russian royal family prior to the 1917 revolutions when their trusted confidante, licentious mystic Rasputin, was elaborately murdered at the Yusupov Palace in late 1916 (poisoned, shot, beaten and drowned). Whilst the post-February revolution Provisional Government began the slow task of putting the wheels of democracy in … Continue reading Red October 1917: From Petrograd to Leningrad

Visiting Putin’s Parish

“You take holiday in Russia. You are crazy…but welcome.” The man who uttered this to me in a St. Petersburg café wasn’t the only one who thought I was crazy visiting Putin’s Parish. Indeed, all but one person in my social circle questioned my sanity. It was a series of subliminal coincidences which prompted me … Continue reading Visiting Putin’s Parish