About me

I’m Hazel Joy and I created and manage this Arrivals Hall travel blog. I’m a native of County Kerry, Ireland, and have the pleasure of calling Kerry home, once again, after years of study and work outside the county.

My travel philosophy has three parts:

  1. Everybody needs a break!
  2. There is no substitute to visiting a place.  A book, a song, a film or other piece of art may inspire travel to a particular event or region but nothing rivals the feeling of being there.
  3. I believe travel can be transformative, enriching and/or therapeutic. Travel is useless unless I can return home with a positive experience to make home a better place, me a better person or simply have an interesting story to tell. Faraway hills may not always be greener and so travel has thought me to appreciate the wisdom and beauty of home as well. No matter how many castles I visit in faraway places, home is the castle I’ll always return to.

And as for my blogging philosophy? That’s simple: I aim to inform, educate, entertain, and inspire through stories. Okay, this approach sounds a little like the BBC’s mission statement but it’s worked well for them since 1920s! But, ultimately, the goal of any writer is to be read. So thank you for devoting your precious time to read my material. I welcome comments on all posts but if you would like to contact me please use the below form.

I’m a co-founder of Threshing Cancer, a volunteer-led community group that raises money for cancer care support in County Kerry. I co-wrote the Threshing Cancer website and continue to volunteer with the group. I held my first photographic exhibition – Classic Cuban Transport  – at the 2015 Threshing Cancer event.

Are you a destination or a brand? Why not work with me to promote your product. Use the contact form below to get in touch with me. I’m particularly interested in hearing from destinations with a cultural or historical significance, and regions developing post-conflict tourism travel products/brands.

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