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Media Appearances

As much as the internet has revolutionised the information we produce and consume, mainstream media is still one of the most powerful ways of getting your message across. I believe mainstream media and online media complement each other rather than compete with each other.

As I outline in my Armchair Travelling guide, travel journalism in mainstream media has had a huge influence on my travels.

I’ve been blessed to feature in and contribute to mainstream media. Here is a collection of my appearances.


RADIO KERRY: Talkabout

9th Feb 2018: Beaufort Blogger

10th August 2018: How not to get ripped off abroad

28th Feb 2019: How to Afford to Travel

4th October 2019: Banning alcohol on flights

6th April 2020: Armchair Travel

4th March 2021: Over-rated Tourist Attractions

RADIO KERRY: Kerry Today

22nd August 2019: Brexit: Hard Border Reality



23rd June 2018: 50 Best Picnic Spots in Ireland


22nd October 2018: Blog Awards Nomination


20th October 2017


If you would like to feature Arrivals Hall in your media outlet or would like me to contribute travel-related content, please get in touch through the Contact page.

I provide freelance travel writing services and SEO-optimised online digital content.

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