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Government Influencer Campaigns

It’s been interesting listening to the recent debate on the proposal by the government to use influencers to communicate the message on how to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The proposal has been largely met with criticism.

I don’t consider myself an influencer even though my writing has influenced a few people to make interesting decisions in their lives…all good, I might add.


But online influencers have value. They are masters of social media communication for their niche markets. They can convey a message to a demographic that generally doesn’t consume mainstream media.

Since the advent of the smartphone, social media has become part of our lives. Companies and high-profile individuals use it for marketing and promotion. Even mainstream media outlets have a presence on social media platforms.

Influencers are widely employed by tourism authorities around the world, the TBEX Blogging Conference being an example. So why not trial a government influencer campaign for Covid-19 to complement existing channels of public health promotion?


Firstly, would the tourism authorities continue to use influencers if this method of marketing didn’t work?

Secondly, Russia-backed Facebook posts reached 126m people during the 2016 US Election. That’s approximately 39% of the then population. If social media doesn’t work, why did Russia spend so much time and money on it? Because it does work. And it did work. I rest my case.



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